About me

As a passionate and driven product professional, I have a strong foundation in the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. I earned my BSc in Psychology in 2017 and am currently pursuing a specialization in Management and Organizational Behavior at Hacettepe University, with an expected graduation date in 2023. I am also a PSU™ & PSFS™ & PAL™ & PSD™ & PSPO™-I & PSM™-I owner and a PMP candidate, which showcases my commitment to agile methodologies and project management excellence.

Throughout my career, I have held various roles within the technology sector, including Product Owner, Business Analyst, and Product Manager. My experience spans diverse organizations, ranging from the Turkish Ministry of Health to leading technology companies like Etiya, Navlungo, and Emlakjet.

Key highlights from my professional background include the following:

- Developing effective product strategies, creating user stories, and managing product backlogs for optimal results

- Leading the technical call center architecture and UML diagrams for the COVID-19 Hotline, which reached approximately 6,000,000 users per year

- Designing and implementing a KPI reporting platform on AWS QuickSight, resulting in a data-oriented company culture

- Conducting user experience studies and leading user interface changes to enhance product usability

- Successfully increasing sales volume by over 150% and delivering a fully-featured new product from ideation to production within three months

With an extensive background in UX research & design, business intelligence reporting, and project management, I have a proven track record of delivering value-driven solutions to meet the needs of various stakeholders. My ability to create meaningful connections between marketing, technology, design, and product teams has allowed me to consistently improve growth and reduce churn in the projects I have participated in.

Outside of the technology circle, I also have experience as a business development specialist, which has further honed my skills in communication and collaboration. Leveraging my diverse skill set, I aim to contribute to organizations that value innovation, efficiency, and a user-centric approach.

Please feel free to reach out to me, as I am always eager to learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on exciting projects.

ps: Written entirely by ChatGPT-4 on March 19, 2023.

What i'm doing

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    Product Management

    Product enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in sectors that telco, health, logistics, and proptech.

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    Data & BI Analysis & SQL

    Have a data-driven mindset with my business intelligence, data analysis, and SQL competencies.

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    I love cinema, music, camping, trekking, canoeing and running. I live minimalist and proud of it.

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    Nature Advocacy

    I am a vegan and a nature advocate. I am against all forms of discrimination, bullying and abuse.


  • Hakan Erdoğan

    Hakan Erdoğan

    Co-Founder & CEO at Craftgate

    We worked with Berkay during the Navlungo & Craftgate payment gateway integration process. Berkay is a very proficient, and proactive product guy. We worked with him with great pleasure on matters that require care and diligence, such as payment. I would like to work with him again if possible.

  • Uğur Açıkgöz

    Uğur Açıkgöz

    Head of Engineering

    Working together with Berkay was enjoyable and very productive. Thanks to its technical approach to determining business value, business processing, and projecting, we quickly advanced the Turkish Ministry of Health WhatsApp Hotline project, which we worked on during the COVID-19 pandemic closure, and achieved results.

  • Erdal Yıldız

    Erdal Yıldız

    Information Security Consultant

    When I first met, when I looked at his LinkedIn profile, what surprised me the most was that his undergraduate education was in psychology. The secret of the success of Berkay, who worked as key personnel on the technical side in very important information-based projects that ensured the communication of the Turkish Ministry of Health with the citizens, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period, was probably the gains in undergraduate education. Berkay, who is equipped to surpass many engineers I know in the field of informatics, was able to easily overcome the most difficult doors with his communication and positive energy. His departure may be a great loss for us, but when I think about what he can do in his new career, I can't help thinking that maybe it's better for our industry and our country. Thank you very much Berkay for your contribution. Good luck.

  • Zeki Ünyıldız

    Zeki Ünyıldız

    Software Developer

    During our collaboration on Jetchat for Emlakjet, I had the chance to work closely with Berkay. His clarity in communication and strong understanding of the product were invaluable. He has a knack for addressing challenges efficiently, making him a vital asset to our project. I appreciate his dedication and would be pleased to work alongside him again in the future.

  • Gül Pınar Avşar

    Gül Pınar Avşar

    CRM & E-Mail Marketing Specialist

    Berkay is a real generalist with broad knowledge of various disciplines and a deep willingness to learn more. Each new project or challenge with him is much easier to handle thanks to his adaptive perspective and brilliant communication skills. I would be thrilled to work with him again in the future!

  • Zikriye Ürkmez

    Zikriye Ürkmez

    Software Development Manager

    Berkay has always impressed me with his effective communication skills. His approach to problems and his style of analysis have always been guiding. He is a product owner who always supports his team by taking the initiative. He was always a smiling and kind teammate. Working with him is a great pleasure.

  • Ersin Kılıçoğlu

    Ersin Kılıçoğlu

    Senior Art Director

    Berkay is one of the greatest person I’ve ever met in my work life. His working passion and communication skills impressed me so much. If any person will get a chance to work with him, will be lucky.

  • Cengiz Cemal Mataracı

    Cengiz Cemal Mataracı

    Software Developer

    Berkay is an incredibly hard worker with his cool work and agility in times of crisis. As a PM, he takes a developer-friendly approach and makes difficult times easier, at the end of the day, both the technology side and the business side are satisfied. I feel very lucky to have worked with him.

  • Nusret Semih Çelik

    Nusret Semih Çelik

    Senior Data Analyst

    He is a person who I am happy to work with in the Ministry of Health, has the will to work, has a high desire to learn, and gets what he wants. It completes its work with solution-oriented individual efforts and harmonious teamwork. With his determination to work, he left enough impression on me to be a reference for my team. I do not doubt that I will be successful in his work.

  • Faruk Sarı

    Faruk Sarı

    Senior Software Developer

    During the time we worked together at the Ministry of Health, I enjoyed spending time together with his curiosity, interest, broad perspective, and solution-oriented working approach. His constructive attitude in joint projects and his efforts to move the project forward with his suggestions have always contributed to our motivation. I can say that chatting and sharing topics such as social life and hobbies outside of work also allows colorful dialogues.

  • Doğa Bekaroğlu

    Doğa Bekaroğlu

    Software Development Team Lead

    During the time I had the opportunity to work with him as a product owner on the project we developed for the General Directorate of Health Promotion; He is one of the most suitable candidates to work for, due to his command of the project and its components, the importance it gives to its details, and its contributions to the progress of the product. In addition, since his undergraduate education is in psychology, his communication with people, the subjects he has developed on software and coding, his technical knowledge and equipment, the synthesis of these components, and the ability to look at events from both sides in analysis and product development stand out in such matters. I would like to thank him again for his hard work during our work.

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    1. Product Manager @Emlakjet

      10/2022 — Present

      - Led R&D application documentation, analysis, development, referee interviews, and bureaucratic negotiations
      - Spearheaded studies on ML, NLP, and generative AI implementations in the proptech domain
      - Administered solutions for the automation of the lead management & transfer processes
      - Arranged structured training explaining emlakjet.com's product mindset to all fresh colleagues in the onboarding
      - Chaired solutions to prevent proptech abuse and fraud activities for B2B & B2C users
      - Coordinated product development process for Jettaşın (by Octovan) that digitizes the moving process from end to end
      - Involved with all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) from 0 to 100

      - On emlakjet.com in 2022, increased number of
      B2C users from ~35M to ~45M (38%),
      B2B users from ~20K to ~30K (53%),
      page views from ~110M to 180M (62%),
      listings from ~1.1M to ~1.9M (67%).

      - For B2B users, increased sum of
      commission from ~1.5B ₺ to ~3.5B ₺ (237%),
      commission/realtor from ~12K ₺ to ~27K ₺ (128%),
      phone call from ~4M to 6M (54%),
      message from ~1.7M to ~3.4M (97%).

      - For our solutions, reached total user of
      Jetsat (iBuying) is 14K,
      Arsa Sihirbazı (an AI/ML-powered module for instant land valuation) is 26K,
      Jetfırsatlar (opportunity real estate that is most suitable for investment) is 70K.

      Emlakjet is part of iLab Ventures. Other iLab companies include:

      - Kariyer.net - Turkey’s prominent recruitment marketplace and solutions site
      - Arabam.com - Turkey's no1 vertical car marketplace
      - Sigortam.net - Turkey’s leading online and call center-based insurance sales platform
      - Hangikredi.com - Turkey’s service comparison site for credit
      - Cimri.com - Turkey’s prominent price and product comparison site
      - Neredekal.com - Turkey’s leading travel guide site
      - SteelOrbis.com and ChemOrbis.com - Global B2B marketplaces for steel and polymer industries

    2. Product Owner @Navlungo

      01/2022 — 10/2022

      - Led technical & non-technical analysis (with Asana & Coda)
      - Created business intelligence reports (with AWS QuickSight & PostgreSQL)
      - Collected user requirements (with Asana)
      - UX researched & designed (with Figma)
      - Conversion & funnel optimization (with Google Analytics & Hotjar) for zero churns and 100% retention
      - Customer acquisition, retention & gamification activities (online & offline) with technology, marketing, product, operations, and sales teams
      - Navlungo reached more than 70,000 customers, 1,000,000 transactions, 3 service area continents, and 230 countries
      - Increased overall sales volume by more than 150%
      - Analyzed business & technical logics of 'navlungo.com' which aims to digitize logistics end-to-end
      - Directed development process of a fully-featured new product for ship & shop from Turkey to worldwide 'deliver.ist' in 3 months from ideation to production
      - Designed and implemented the KPI reporting platform on AWS QuickSight in order to become a data-oriented company. All data from sales, operations, marketing, and product is aggregated and made transparent to the entire business
      - Managed user requirements about main and side products that are express, freight, fulfillment, finance, and marketing on Asana, Figma, Coda, and Instagantt
      - Improved the growth & reducing churn strategies and manage relationships about the usability of the pathway between marketing & technology & design & product teams
      - Conducted user experience studies and lead user interface changes

    3. PMaaS @Handmade by Isilti

      03/2021 — 10/2022

      An entrepreneur from Türkiye who aims to present my completely handmade bags that she has produced with great efforts to the whole world.

    4. PMaaS @beppo

      01/2022 — 09/2022

      Sustainable & pure vegan products.

    5. PMaaS @Otisen

      10/2021 — 09/2022

      A web application project in which distance education and digital transformation solutions are used for individuals with special education needs and their parents.

    6. Senior Specialist, Business Analysis @Etiya

      10/2021 — 01/2022

      For CRM transformation project developed for biggest telco company of MENA, Ooredoo;
      - Made technical & non technical HLD & LLD analysis (with Jira & Confluence)
      - Created UAT scenarios
      - Led UX research & design

    7. Business Analyst & Product Owner @Turkish Ministry of Health

      02/2019 — 11/2021

      - Led technical & non-technical analysis (with JIRA & TFS & Confluence)
      - Created business intelligence reports (with Microsoft Power BI & Turboard SINA & MSSQL Server & PostgreSQL & PL/SQL)
      - Collected user requirements (online/offline)
      - UX researched & designed (with Balsamiq & Figma) with bureaucrats, communication center managers, technical leads, and healthcare professionals
      - Led the technical call center architecture & UML diagrams of the ALO184 SABİM which aims to strengthen communication between patients and healthcare professionals and it has approximately 6,000,000 users per year
      - Crafted all of the user cases and scenarios of the Meeting Point Web Application which aims to strengthen relationships between healthcare professionals and high-level managers and it has approximately 100,000 users per year
      - Organized business & technical logics of the Health Survey Web Application which aims to collect data from patients and healthcare professionals and it has approximately 40,000 users per year
      - Created user requirements about health communication of Turkcell BiP Ministry of Health COVID-19 Information & 24/7 Hotline which aims to strengthen communication between patients and healthcare professionals and it was (currently deactivate) approximately 20,000 users per year
      - Designed all of the user cases & UML diagrams about health communication of the Turkish Ministry of Health WhatsApp Hotline which aims to strengthen communication between patients and healthcare professionals and it was (currently deactivate) approximately 10,000 users per year

    8. PMaaS @piaGraff

      03/2019 — 06/2021

      A digital & outdoor branding agency.

    9. Business Development Specialist @OZEM Academy

      07/2017 — 02/2019

      - Conducted growth strategies that x2 the number of employees and x3 the profitability
      - Educated more than 50 institutions such as MEV College and National Education Directorate
      - Created an internal communication structure
      - Researched human-machine interface methods
      - Designed experimental psychology pathways for the academy with healthcare professionals

    10. Project Assistant @Hacettepe University Scientific Research Unit

      10/2015 — 06/2017

      - Worked as an assistant on these academic projects & product developments:
      - Game Type Computer Aided Cognitive Exercise Program (OBEP) Development Study for Alzheimer Type Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment (with Ankara University Faculty of Medicine)
      - Investigation of Artwork Analysis Process in Individuals Related to Art at Different Levels by Eye Tracking Technique (with Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts)
      - Different Sources, Different Trajectories: A Three-Year Longitudinal Study of Academic Achievement as a Function of Adolescent's Class and Family Characteristics (with Bilkent University Faculty of Education)

    11. Radio Programmer @87.7 Radio Hacettepe

      12/2013 — 01/2015

      - Wrote the scrips of the programs in 87.7 Radyo Hacettepe
      - Conducted studies to improve sound recording systems and sound waves
      - Organized some events in cooperation with various institutions such as RedBull, CCI

    1. Hacettepe University


      Data and Knowledge Engineering MSc

      GPA: n/a | Transcript

    2. Hacettepe University

      2019 — 2023

      Management and Organizational Behavior MSc

      GPA: 3.86/4.00 (High Honor Student) | Transcript

    3. Anadolu University

      2020 — 2022

      Web Design and Development ASc

      GPA: 3.08/4.00 (Honor Student) | Transcript

    4. Middle East Technical University

      2017 — 2018

      English Prep. School

      Level: C1 | Transcript

    5. Hacettepe University

      2013 — 2017

      Psychology BSc

      GPA: 3.55/4.00 (High Honor Student) | Transcript

    6. Hacettepe University

      2015 — 2017

      Sociology Minor

      Drop Out | Transcript

    1. Product Manager @Afetharita (AYA: Açık Yazılım Ağı)

      02.2023 — Present

      Science and Technology

    2. Mentor @Women in Tech Academy (SistersLab)

      10.2022 — Present

      Science and Technology

    3. Volunteer @Türk Kızılay

      01.2013 — Present

      Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

    4. Volunteer @TEMA

      01.2014 — Present


    5. Volunteer @Oy ve Ötesi

      06.2015 — Present


    6. Volunteer @AFAD

      01.2019 — Present

      Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

    7. Volunteer @Vefa Social Support Groups

      04.2020 — 04.2021

      Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

    8. Board Member @Y-Peer Türkiye

      01.2017 — 09.2017


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    2. Maritime and Sailing Sports from Psychological Perspective Review Article


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    1. KPSS


      83.94/100.00 | Result

    2. ALES


      86.88/100.00 | Result

    3. YÖKDİL


      90.00/100.00 | Result

    4. LYS


      899/725,672 (0.001%) | Result

    1. Zikriye Ürkmez

      Software Development Manager @Navlungo


    2. Okan Okuroğulları

      Head of Design @Navlungo


    3. Cengiz Cemal Mataracı

      Software Developer @Trendyol Group


    4. Doğa Bekaroğlu

      Software Development Team Lead @Turkish Ministry of Health


    5. Burcu Doğan Deveci

      Unit Manager @Turkish Ministry of Health Communication Center



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